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Trying out new things is always an experience…left to the ‘tryer’ to determine whether the experience is a good one or otherwise. The first time i kissed a girl was very momerable because we were in love (or what would pass for it)…and the world was not this corrupt and bleak place it is rapidly becoming now. For years afterwards she would rub her lips gently anytime i was in sight…up to the time she married my best-friend.

The first time a woman slapped me was also memorable too…because it was the first time i realised humans shared something with a signal-less tv; grey static. For minutes afterward i still saw sparks. Not a fond memory i assure you.

But reality is; it happened whether i liked it or not! What was left to me to do is to make the most of the experience…

But i digress.

I just came on wordpress under a friend’s urging and i can already say i’m a fan!!!!

This is a very comfortable window through which i can share my views and stuff…come along for the ride.


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