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To Live Or Not To Live.


I’m having a creative dilemma.

There’s a new something I’m starting to learn – albeit unwittingly. It starting to be a ‘challenge’ for me to be excited about the things that used to matter to me anymore. I feel as though the anticipation of a thing is more fun than the thing itself.

Case in point: the forthcoming Avengers Infinity War.

Sooner or later it will be the 27th of April. Sooner than later, it would have been the 30th of November – and there will be some other movie (Aquaman, maybe?) to be excited about. In fact, I feel like I am more excited about John Wick Chapter 3, a movie that doesn’t have a release date as of time of writing, than I am about Infinity War.

The anticipation of a thing is more exciting than the thing itself.

Case in point: Sex.

Invariably, I feel as though I’m living from one point to the next, one movie to the next, one book to the next and so on. Like I don’t have the time to truly enjoy the experience of these/those things for what they are. Like I just want to put a stamp on something; like ‘Seun Was Here’ and then, on to the next thrill. Like…life is just a BRT ride – constantly going back and forth, from stop to stop.

No time to break.

I feel like; what’s the hurry though? Why do I feel a need to go from on thrill to the next? Why am I not so excited about Infinity War when anyone who knows me knows it’s a combination of two of my favorite things; comics and movies? Does it have something to do with the reality that I am growing older, or is it some deeper and more complicated reason? Does it have to do with the pattern I have noticed in my doings lately – a lot of the things that used to excite me don’t excite me anymore?

Why though?

Could it be that I need some new experiences, new challenges (which I have in spades)? Could it be I need to be somewhere else (maybe jail, for instance) to rediscover the spark that made my life an adventure at some point?

Or could I have fallen for the trap that has claimed so many before me, the sudden, utter realization that truly, I have become an adult?

Lord have mercy.



Movie Review: New Money/Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay/Tomb Raider


So I have not been writing reviews for a minute.

I’m busy. So much so.

But I haven’t exactly abandoned my second first love. I still see movies as often as I can, as much as I can.

Having said all of that, I won’t be writing detailed reviews like usual – at least, not for this one because of the volume of stuff I need to get through. But I will do enough so you can decide to enjoy or pass on any of the three following:

  1. New Money


Not a bad movie – which is to say it isn’t all that great. The lead actress, young cutie Jemima Osunde who apparently is a Shuga star as well (sorry, don’t know much about these things) gives a strong performance as a girl who finds out she’s the daughter of a multi-millionaire CEO who passes before he can do more than touch her cheek. He leaves a video message – and more or less bequeaths the entire chain of companies to her. Falz is the hungry boyfriend who sees all the advantages of dating a naïve girl with a good heart.

As a side note, that faux Yoruba accent thing Falz does is borderline annoying at this point. Sure, Folarin is an amazing actor. I just think he would fare better in serious roles. His jokes as Kwan, the main character’s primary love interest (oh, she has secondary and tertiary love interests; just watch) were not amusing in the least – though there were people laughing in the cinema.

Kate Henshaw is her mother, a struggling, kind woman who owns a restaurant and seems to never be out of depth. Dakore is the official wife who can’t have kids of her own – you see where this is headed, right?

Some other supporting characters gave brilliant performances, and shone whenever they were on screen. Jemima, in my opinion, has a bright career ahead of her. She did well.


A fairly predictable film, it does have flashes of brilliance but not enough to take it into ‘amazing’ or ‘breathtaking’ space. Still worth a watch if you have nothing better to do.



2. Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay Animated Movie




As usual, there’s another mission for Task Force X. However, there are a couple of twists to this one. First is the lineup. We have the usual suspects (well, usual for 2016 moviegoers) Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang – and then we have a throwback from the original comics’ lineup, Bronze Tiger and then, we have Copperhead, thrown in for some reason, and then Killer Frost.

The story is as usual – get something done for Amanda Waller who, in this incarnation has lost quite a bit of weight and looks more like her DCU counterpart as played by Viola Davis. However, she didn’t lose all that weight because she was weight-watching; she lost it because she’s sick and dying. She needs some insurance – and therefore, the Squad is out on the road again.

It’s an interesting one; the Deadshot here is somber, calm and world-weary. Bronze Tiger is the one character who believes in a higher power and refuses to work with killers and criminals. Harley Quinn, who is a much-beloved character of mine, is disappointingly under-utilized here.

She provides comic relief is all.

A lot of DC characters show up, Vertigo, Punch and Judy, Vandal Savage, Professor Pyg, Scandal Savage, Knockout, Zoom, Silver Banshee, Blockbuster – all appear at some point, and yet manages to clutter up or slow down the movie. It’s not great great – but it’s a fun watch and waaaaaaay better than the live-action movie.

Not in cinemas – and I can’t share my copy. Sorry.




3. Tomb Raider





If you are old enough to have seen the original Tomb Raider, you probably will remember her as a sexy heroine in bum shorts who never looks flustered or stressed – no matter what is going on around her. Better yet, if you are old enough to have seen the original movie and played the game, you would have realized some things didn’t ring true for Angelina Jolie’s portrayal.

Like how she could take a mud bath and emerge without a hair out of place. Like how she manages to look sensual no matter what (this quality is one I feel distracted a lot from her tremendous acting ability) I watched the movies and I hated them – because they looked nothing like the Lara Croft I saw in the games.

And then, Alicia Vikander was cast as the new Lara Croft.

I had hopes. While I wasn’t exactly a fan of Vikander’s, I knew it was going to be a departure from the slinky sexuality of Jolie’s Croft. And that I looked forward to.

In that regard, I wasn’t disappointed. This Lara’s physicality is imposing – if exaggerated at some point. She’s just starting out; so there are several skill gaps but all of those details come together to give (me at least) a heartwarming viewing. The story and plot were choppy and reminiscent of several similar movies, the villain was just there, someone to provide a foil to Lara’s ambitions – but the character; Lara herself shows so much promise. I want to believe the next film will be the bomb. I believe so strongly.

Worth a watch. Beware; however, you might nod off in the middle.



Well. I hope I have done justice to these films. Have you seen any of them? What do you think? Please let me know!


Maybe I’m Drunk.


Is it just me – or is there some kind of unfair expectations placed on the menfolk without their consent?

I have moments I want to cry. Moments I feel like coming online to beg for a hug – because I feel so alone my shadow seems like company. I don’t know – maybe it’s just me because I know people ask us men to be vulnerable all the time – and then run for the hills at the first sign of tears.

I don’t know. It probably IS just me.

I probably am rambling because I clearly set out to tell a different story from the one I’m sharing now. I probably am rambling because what I’m saying now is completely different from what I had in my mind when I opened this post slot in my blog. I probably am rambling because this is a moment of nudity; a moment of indulging in self-pity; probably the most unproductive emotion ever known to man.

I probably am rambling because I’ve had more vodka and Vicodin than I should. Sigh.

Oh well.

It probably is that time of the month. And I worried, because I have my little girl with me and it won’t do for her to see daddy with tears in his eyes. Oh, I know. Tomorrow is another day.

Today, however, I bow under the weight of my loneliness and wonder; if anybody understands how hard it is sometimes to be a man.

Loose Lines #1

Set your soul on fire,

Or let me.


We tell a tale across the skies.
Or maybe.

I can just lay across your thighs.

And accept,

My life is in two chapters;

Before and After You.

Bar Tender


So I was at this bar late Saturday evening.

Don’t mind me o. I had spent the earlier part of the day working with a new team, and after we were done we’d gone for some drinks and food. Somehow sha, I still wasn’t sated. I was feeling restless, so when we agreed to go our separate ways, I got in my car and started driving. It wasn’t really late, I really had no idea where I was going; I just knew I wanted to stop at a place with lights.

So sha, I was at this lit bar, chilling and sipping Smirnoff Ice…

No. Forgive me. I definitely wasn’t sipping Smirnoff Ice, because I asked and they said they didn’t have it.

My people please intervene. What sort of facking bar does not have Smirnoff Ice on a Saturday evening?!

And then, to add insult to injury, they offer me Snapp.


I mean, it’s bad enough I drink Smirnoff Ice. I know the looks I get when I ask for Smirnoff Ice.

And then, someone thinks it’s a good idea to offer me SNAPP?!

No offense, but that shit makes me think of soiled diapers – some baby shit. Shit!

So sha, I was at the bar, nursing my injured pride, chewing on some peppered gizzard…

When I noticed this guy a few seats away on my left, staring.

At first, I looked his way and looked away thinking it was just a random glance between strangers. However, as the night progressed I realized he was staring at me. Like, really staring.

Okay. That was odd.

Shifting gently in my seat, I moved my left side away from the bar and my right towards it. By the time I stopped, I was almost facing him but no so much he’d notice I had done anything. I grabbed some more sticks of gizzard, popped them in my mouth and looked at him.

He was slim, but not thin. He was wearing a grey shirt tucked in dark-colored pants and shiny loafers. He had hairy jowls and his complexion was hard to tell with all the lights. However, he didn’t look bad.

But it was clear I hadn’t seen him before. So why was he staring?

He would look, take a swallow from the green bottle he was holding around the neck – and while he swallowed, he would look again. And then, he would set the bottle down and exhale.

As I continued to look at this man, I started to have an idea for some mischief. I continued to chew my meat and watching him – but this time, from the corner of my eye. As far as he was concerned, I was ignoring him.

Which was just as well.

As he lifted the bottle, I turned towards him and waited till involuntarily, his eyes started to seek me out.

That was when I winked.

Somehow, he missed his mouth with the beer. Most of it ended up in his nose, eyes and on his shirt. Gasping for air, he fell forward, spraying beer from his mouth and snorting through his nose. I turned away, bent over the bar in laughter but I could hear him coughing loudly. I was laughing so loudly – at some point, I think chewed gizzard would have come out my nose.

Respecting myself, I stood, pulled some money out my pocket and left it beneath my plate. And then, I left jejely before some wise ass decided to ask why I was laughing.

I’m a writer, not a fighter abeg.



One of the things that suck about life – is how the anticipation of a thing is usually more fun/lasts longer than the thing itself.

Case(s) In Point: Remember when you were waiting for Deadpool? Justice League? An intimate encounter?

Your food to arrive at a restaurant?

Morale of my story: nothing lasts. We’re all dust and shadow – but for our memories and the souls that carry a piece of ours. The who you ate the meal with/beside, the who you saw the movie with/beside is a better memory than of the meal/film itself.

Make love not war. Make memories not enemies.

Peace and Love.

When Is It Right? Part I



Remember when they said you were too young to love?

You wouldn’t understand the valleys and mountains;

You couldn’t navigate the valley lows and highways

Wells and fountains?

They looked at your age,

And said it would be impossible for you to maintain

Keep up with the pressure,

It takes to hold on to pleasure

And your young heart pleaded;

‘Please explain,’

And they said, ‘You’re too young to understand’.



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